S12.E08: Picture Perfect (2024)

2 hours ago, KimAlly said:

I think the show is horrible this season. They focus more on Kelli and the guests then they do on the candidates. Did I miss uniform fittings? The makeovers were just glanced over. Usually they show more of the process and the before and after shots. Not impressed at all.

I agree. Instead of focusing on those things (uniform fittings and the like which I really enjoy), they are showing things like telling them how to eat things they probably would never eat. That whole scene was really stupid and unnecessary.

12 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Lauren can come sit next to me and we will eat a whole basket of bread together!

My entire sixth grade class went to sleep away camp for a week during the school year. Weirdly, although we were out in the woods sleeping in cabins, that's where I was told that the proper way to eat bread is to break off a bite sized piece and butter it. I do that at restaurants but I'm not above just buttering a whole slice at home and taking bites in the privacy of my house.

I felt bad for Taryn because anyone whose kicks are low enough to possibly keep them off the team should be told that in week one. It sucks to get halfway through training camp and then be told, "Oh, by the way, this has been a problem since auditions so you should work on it." Thankfully she's not a complete moron so she was already aware that her kicks weren't the best and she's already been working on them, but still.

Yes to both of you! Whenever someone's default answer is "They're just jealous of me," I give a serious side eye. The fact that she was so unable to answer Kelli's questions about the rookies she's the closest to was another red flag for me. It was just the fact that when she got flustered (ahem, or caught in a lie), she couldn't even answer a simple question.

Kelli: Tell me something I don't know about _______.
Gina: Um....we're going to the zoo tomorrow. That should be fun.

Even putting aside the fact that she doesn't know sh*t about her teammates after FIVE weeks, it's bothersome that Kelli says the girls need to be comfortable interacting with people and Gina clearly wasn't able to do that when she was put on the spot.

And yes, that jealousy comment made me think that she's totally one of those girls who says, "I don't get along with other girls. I guess they just don't like me."

I never noticed the Paris Hilton resemblance until it was mentioned but now I can't unsee it.

On Last Chance U, the coach is always telling the players, "Everyone touch somebody," which sounds so dirty to me!

There was a clear difference in the way the rookies approached the dance party and the way the vets did. The rookies (correctly) saw it as another part of the evaluation process and were trying to show off some tricks and shine. The vets were doing silly dances with each other (I can't remember which two vets it was but I saw them pretending to spoon soup which cracked me up) and just having a good time. Loved KaShara getting everyone to clap. She seems like a great teammate and leader.

While I agree with Kelli that Alexandria's eyelashes were a bit too much (if they're long and thick enough to cause a shadow on your eyelid, you might need to get some less dramatic lashes), let's be real - there are other girls in training camp with fake lashes that are about the same and they aren't getting called into the office. I feel like they are just finding reasons to call her into the office so that when they eventually cut her (no spoilers - I'm just assuming they will cut her before TC is over), they can say, "Well, we called her into the office X amount of times about this and this and this" as opposed to saying, "Our feelings on her were mehhhhhhh so we just cut her." And I was rolling my eyes when Kelli said she had already called the people who do the DCC lashes and let them know that they had a lash emergency. If it was that big of an emergency, would you have waited that long between cameos and the office visit to let Alexandria know?

High five to whoever realized that Brennan putting her chin down (which is what people are normally told do in photos) was the problem. With her chin lifted slightly, she looks less cross eyed and less intense. She looks friendlier and softer.

I was surprised at the eyelash issue. I have NEVER heard of having lashes that were too long.

S12.E08: Picture Perfect (2024)
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