Mobile Mechanic, Same Day Mobile Mechanic (2024)

Average Costs Of A Mobile Mechanic

Average costs are dependent on the services that you are receiving.

Unlike dealerships and privately owned auto service shops, mobile mechanics do not have overhead. On most services, they can save you 20-30%. That’s in addition to providing you a convenient service!


Hourly Rate– Some companies charge by the hour.

Flat Rate Per Job– Some companies charge a flat rate for the work they do.

Recognize that there are several variables in developing the price. These include:

  • Time that it takes to complete the project.
  • How many technicians are working on your project.
  • Was it an after hours emergency
  • With many more aspects that may add to the cost

Remember, the company quoting a low rate may not necessarily be the right company for you. Some companies may offer low hourly rates, but then charge additional “fees” to complete the job.

You may also need to consider that most companies charge a higher rate for overtime, weekends, holidays and emergency calls.

The best rule of hand is to get an itemized estimate so you know exactly what is expected from the local company.

Advice On Finding The Right Mobile Mechanic

Do Not Pay For Parts
Never pay for parts before the job is done. Remember, most mobile mechanics are very honest but you still want to be careful not to get swindled.

The Job May Be Too Big
Most mobile mechanics can change your oil or fix your brakes, and they may be willing to take on the challenge of changing your head gaskets, but do they have the right tools for the job.

Spotting Fly By Night Companies

  • Do they have a legitimate website?
  • Do they accept credit cards?
  • What kind of tools are they using?

Guarantees And Warranties?
Ask what kind of warranty they offer on the work they are doing. Warranties will vary from company to company. Some parts only have a 90 day warranty, whereas some parts may be guaranteed for life for the rest of the life of your car.

Paying By The Hour
This is a tricky one, most mobile mechanics charge you by the job. Some will charge you by the hour, if so, keep a wary eye on them to ensure they are not padding the time spent on the auto repair.

Ratings And Reviews
Check for online ratings and reviews Reviews are not always accurate, as competitors, friends, or even business owners themselves will sometimes post reviews in order to sway results. If there are several reviews over a period of time, it is normally more relevant than if several that came in within a couple of days of one another.

Ask your mobile mechanic for at least three referrals and check them out.

Ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they have any suggestions for a mobile mechanic company.

Some Services Of A Mobile Mechanic

  • No Starts
  • Lock-outs
  • Fleet Service
  • General Maintenance
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • General Repair
  • A/C Service Starters & Alternators
  • Tune Ups
  • Water Pumps
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Timing Belts
  • Gaskets, Belts, Hoses
  • And Much More…..

Basic Information

Mobile Mechanic Education

Many programs and schools offer training for those interested in a career as a mobile mechanic. Areas of training include automobile diagnostic, repair and maintenance of engine, electronics, air-conditioning and heating systems, and truck and diesel mechanics.

Some mechanics are ASE certified, which is a standardized method of testing skill and knowledge level. While it’s not required by law for a mechanic to be certified, some companies only hire or promote employees who have passed ASE tests. The technology used in automobiles changes very rapidly and the mechanic must be prepared to learn these new technologies and systems. Your mechanic has a physically demanding job, often exposed to extreme temperatures, lifting heavy objects and staying in uncomfortable positions for extended periods. They also deal with exposure to gasoline, asbestos, and other toxic chemicals.

The Internet is even spreading to mechanics, with certified mechanics providing advice online. Mechanics themselves now regularly use the Internet for information to help them in diagnosing and/or repairing vehicles. Service manuals for vehicles have become significantly less prevalent with the internet taking their place.

Benefits Of Hiring A Mobile Mechanic

Save Money
Generally, mobile auto repair professional tend to charge lower rates than the conventional repair shops because their operating costs are significantly less.

Customer Service
Individuals who specialize in mobile repair services recognize that being friendly & understanding is an important asset in the job. As a result, they focus on providing the best customer service and establishing good relationships with their clients.

Can Save Your Time
Another benefit of hiring mobile mechanics for auto repair is that it can help you avoid time wasting time. When you call your repair service, they’ll come directly to your home or workplace and do the work quickly so that you get back on the road in the shortest time possible.No more auto service shop waiting rooms

Fix The Majority Of Your Auto Issues At Your Location
Mobile mechanics are able to perform an array of auto repairs including electrical repairs, maintenance, a/c repairs, engine repairs and transmission issues. They are also able to diagnose more complex issues and arrange for your vehicle to be taken to a garage for repair.

Mobile Mechanic, Same Day Mobile Mechanic (2024)


Why do car mechanics take so long? ›

While repair shops keep certain supplies on hand, many repairs require parts to be ordered from elsewhere. If you drive a newer, more common car, the necessary parts can usually be acquired in a day or two. Some parts can be harder to come by, however, especially if you drive a less common vehicle.

What is the average day for an auto mechanic? ›

Writing up estimates for repairs and communicating with customers. Completing preventative maintenance on vehicles, including: tire rotations, oil changes, filter replacement. Ordering parts, performing repairs and working with other mechanics to help diagnose problems and decide the best course of action.

How to get customers as a mobile mechanic? ›

Marketing tips for mechanics
  1. Having a website.
  2. Active social media profiles.
  3. Appearing in online directories.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  5. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

What do I say when I call the mechanic? ›

So, exactly what should you say to your mechanic?
  1. Provide information to the mechanic in regards to what you are experiencing and when it happens. ...
  2. Let the mechanic know if you want something in particular checked. ...
  3. Ask for a written quote that includes labour, parts, fluid costs and any additional fees.
May 3, 2022

What car issue takes the longest to fix? ›

Significant repairs such as engine replacement, transmission, and head gaskets seem to take the longest.

What can I do if my car is taking too long to repair? ›

If you're unhappy with the amount of time the garage is taking to repair your car, then you should firstly raise your concern with the garage directly, ideally by submitting a formal complaint to the business in line with their complaints procedure.

What is the shortest time to become a mechanic? ›

Some mechanics complete vocational programs in high school and can begin working in trainee positions right after graduation, while others may spend one or more years completing their training post-high school. It can take a mechanic two to five years to gain the education and skills necessary for success.

What is the best day to go to a mechanic? ›

“The best days for visiting an auto mechanic are usually those when they are least busy,” said Joyce Ann Gutierrez, automotive expert at 4WheelOnline. “This means going on weekdays…or in the middle of a slow period. Avoid weekends, holidays, and rush hours [as these are] often their busiest times.”

What is the long term outlook for a mechanic? ›

Job Outlook

Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is projected to grow 2 percent from 2022 to 2032, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

What app connects mechanics to customers? ›

YourMechanic: YourMechanic brings the mechanic to your doorstep, offering a convenient solution for users who prefer not to travel to a traditional auto repair shop. The platform connects users with certified mechanics who can perform a variety of services, from routine maintenance to complex repairs.

How to promote yourself as a mechanic? ›

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies to Attract New Customers
  1. Get Involved In Your Community. ...
  2. Run Special Promotions For First-Time Customers. ...
  3. Partner Up With An Adjacent Local Business Like a Body Shop. ...
  4. Advertise Locally. ...
  5. Run Targeted Social Media Ads. ...
  6. Up Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Game.

Do you need a license to be a mobile mechanic in California? ›

Acquire the necessary licenses and register your business

On the other hand, mobile mechanics in California need to obtain a repair business license from the Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R.) to operate.

What is the slang for a car mechanic? ›

Grease Monkey – Mechanic.

What not to say to a mechanic? ›

I recommend vehicle owners shouldn't say to their mechanics:
  • 'Just do what it needs. ' This can leave a vehicle owner open for a very expensive repair. ...
  • 'I don't know anything about cars. ' While many people may feel this way, I never believe it.
Apr 7, 2016

What is a fancy title for a mechanic? ›

  • artisan.
  • journeyman.
  • machinist.
  • maker.
  • manufacturer.
  • master.
  • mechanic.
  • skilled worker.

Why does car servicing take so long? ›

Vehicle repair shops take longer than expected for a few reasons. Most extensive repairs require ordering parts. Some parts can be delivered same day but, some need to be special ordered. Sometimes they need to fix other things to make a proper diagnosis of what's really wrong.

How long is too long for a car to be in a shop? ›

The generally acceptable maximum time for a car to be in the shop is 30 days. If it is any longer than this timeframe, you are already eligible for a unit replacement or compensation if your vehicle is still within warranty.

What is the longest it takes to fix a car? ›

Depending on the car, the problem and the garage's workload, car repairs can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 6 weeks, even longer in some cases. It's advisable to check with the garage on the last point before dropping your car off.

Why is my car taking so long at the body shop? ›

The type of repair can greatly influence the amount of time the vehicle takes to repair. The more complex the job is, the more time it usually takes.

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