Former DCCs: Where They've Gone & What They're Doing (2024)

On 5/14/2021 at 2:23 PM, DCC-UK said:

Whilst I always say dance is number one, they only dance for like 8 games a season (plus a couple of pre-season and play-offs, which the Cowboys barely progress in when they make it). I can understand picking people on other attributes. However, being pretty or having a story shouldn't be that.

I think that's why people like Kim T, Veronica L, Miranda, Alexis, Amy L,Savannah, Brennan, Taylor Jetc are kept because they're okay dancers (relaible for the most part but not particularly technical usually)but they're great ambassadors. Surely 95% of their appearances are just speaking to people, not dancing. That's what show group is for.

To me, as much as I want to see more dancing, they should do more appearance + interview training, from veterans and hospital visits, school visits, in the local community, because that's ultimately what most of them will spend their time doing. How they interact with different people in different scenarios on the fly would be much better training. I doubt most of them will do many media interviews either so maybe scrap that too!

Probably why I'm more in favour of having two groups of cheerleaders: one on the field dancing + other performances. The other group purely for appearances who look great in the uniform as a bonus.

Don't forget after Veronica's rookie year in the eyes of Kelli Veronica IS the "golden girl". Remember that year when she and Hannah gained weight and was called into the office? Kelli wouldn't release Veronica, we all know that, because it would mean Kelli would have to inform Nike that she had "physically cut" Veronica in training camping going into herfourth year and it means that Nike would have to remove the "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader" from their adverts with Veronica's face and body on it.

If Hannah had her face and and/or body on an "good" advert with the "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader" also written on that advert, she would have been given the (as I call it) "Veronica treatment" of "you gained weight, you need to lose it, but we will give you as much time because we see you as a valued member of this association". All because she has her image on advert that also has the Cowboys name on it. That was the entire difference between Veronica and Hannah that year, in terms of their weight warning that year. That advert was what saved Veronica. Having said that, Kelli didn't exactly give the same "value" to Jasmine Goode going into her fourth year in terms of weight/dance etc.

On 5/15/2021 at 9:22 PM, hypeman said:

The real problem with Meghan F is that she couldn't dance. She NEVER looked good. She was not a great public speaker or a stunner. Why was she in training camp?

I so hate to speak ill of the dead. But she was definitely not up to it, dance nor ambassador-wise.

She wasn't brought in for her dance or public speaking ability. She was brought on for drama. Could have said the exact same as the Minchew sisters and then their replacement, Kaime, why bring one person on and not two personto replace two drop outs. It was more because of drama, and an "interesting entertainment" drama/story. I could have said the same as that year when that girl Rebecca emailed saying she was dropping out because she was "overwhelmed" with the TCC, no replacement was brought on for her. There was no replacement because Rebecca didn't have an "interesting enough background" to get the same treatments.

I respect Meghan F for speaking up but look at it from the point of the show and its main and number one thing about the show.

The show is NOT about the team/dancers. Its main and first priority is the ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR because it is a TV SHOW. I totally believe the show should be about the dance ability and being the ambassador of the team/brand, but if you add a tv show onto it, then in reality, that all goes out the window and the first and main priority is to create a drama/entertainment show to have people watch so that the peoplehave something to talk about afterwards. It keeps the ratings high so that it gets renewed for another season/year so that team gets the money to fund the team.

If anything I really think Jenny should actually start promoting to Charlotte why DCRB should get their own show. I think DCRB are underrated for the Cowboys. I mean don't DCRB practise in a Gym and have "not as good" lockers as DCC? (Someone needs to correct me on that, I live in uk and never been to at+t so no idea about DCRB's locker room in the stadium)

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Former DCCs: Where They've Gone & What They're Doing (2024)
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